They are in descending order of importance, keep in mind:

Health – Work is harsh. You probably have to put real efforts. Keep your physical fitness like athletics.

Creativity – Boredom is the greatest enemy for work progress. Make your work and your content interesting to you!

Prudence – You have to estimate what you can do according to your proven ability. For most innocents, this world is easy; but practically, the world is non-manageable.

Self-motivation – Other than supervisors' instruction, you have absolute freedom, and you should find reference of your own, after some startup guidance.

Self-study skills – Startup readings and most references are difficult. You have to learn by yourself mostly. No one can ever be your baby-sitter when you are adults.

Self-discipline – No one likes working with lazy people, and nobody can monitor your progress the way your mother did to you.

Bravery – No one knows what comes next. You have to make a decision before you work on it.

Patience – Tough time never lasts, but tough people do.

Honesty –You should identify clearly what part of the project is your work. Most people cannot cite clearly, and that is an abomination!

Absolute obedience – Reinventing the wheel is luxurious for the whole human race. If conditions allow, everyone likes to work on the state-of-the-art issues of interest. But you know you only have a few months on the project. Since you only have little access to the issues, your supervisors should have the ultimate control on your research direction and even details. It helps make you a good project.

Manage yourself well, and you can manage people!!!