A project is a one-year-long work, and it is impossible to reform groups. That is why I strongly discourage group member exchanges in my course projects. I have seen too many cases good friends split apart and never talked to one another again. That is a tragedy in life. I strongly advise you to find good partners, not simply friends, to form your group. Those people should be happy to work with, not to play with or chat with. Every graduate project is painful. Do not add to yourself more pain with people who may not fit you, or to whom you do not want to fit yourself to.

Do not mind working with strangers. They may have great chemical reactions with you. One of my best projects was actually a group of strangers; out of 4 people only 2 were mere classmates. This group turned out to be one of the best performing groups under my supervision, and their work helped my research target for a quality academic publication. And of course, they score very well in graduate project and they are still good friends. Their key of success is simple: humble, hard-working and PROPER division of labor. No one in the group ever complained nor blamed. Wish you can somehow repeat their success.

Have faith. Good luck to you all!












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