My Gratitude

I am proud of our many outstanding students who can manage my tough projects. I thank for their handworks. Most of them were inspiring and they formed the ground work for my future researches.

Gradute Projects

Your senior classmates' projects were fantastic; their works were more than required for a bachelor degree in most Asian countries. The topics they covered are: Longitudinal Financial Statement Analysis on HK-listed Companies, Technology Adoption and Office Automations, Online Retail Brokerage, Integrated Management Systems and Suppliers, Cyber Cultures and etc. Most of them can be materialized into good research outputs for postgraduate degrees. Due to copyright issue I cannot post them here. Yet, you can find them quite easily in our library. Find a librarian; all of them are very helpful.

Undergradute Projects - Prototypes

Web design is more than making webpages. Making business sense is not at all easy for undergradute. Yet, some of their works were comparable to what you could find from an average IT consulting firm.

Touchland, strong in design and usability

C-time, very sensible design

PetSay, strong in design and usability

Easy Travel, massive technology applications

Dream Travel, good business sense and nice usability