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This page is for those who interest in more profound knowledge in:


To subquery with multiple tables - playing with complex data relations



Python may help integrity check.... check the number of rows!

Done? Not that easy, check out the row numbers !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me why!!


Python connection to MariaDB server with SSH tunnel

For security reason, you are advised to change password; and you are limited to use only one database (instance) in my server.

  1. Build a secure (SSH) tunnel from your putty to the analytics server on port 3306
  2. Install your Python and libraries, like mysql
  3. Start up your local Python IDE and proceed with your connection and operations like

Other advanced interesting links:

Playing with data - Useful Pandas Techniques in Python for Data Manipulation

Integration Python with SAS EM (advanced topic, play with it only after bi06)


Report writing

How to chart properly? Reporting results

How to present a meaningful story in a quantitative report? A complete guide

About citations (that is to quote a reference in the main text and use "References" section in reporting)

Most undergraduate students cannot cite properly. However, it is very important in writing report, otherwsie people consider that as plagiarism.

A citations in the main text should look like:

".... input control was important in Macao (Yu & To, 2011) ...."

The reference should look like:

Yu, B. T., & To, W. M. (2011). The importance of input control to work performance under the agency theory framework. The International Journal of Human Resource Management22(14), 2874-2891.

Giddens, A. (2013). The constitution of society: Outline of the theory of structuration. John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 978-0-7456-6528-3.